Top Triple Clamp

What clamp are you guy's using on your 05 WR450? And how much did you buy if for? which is the best for this model.

Also is anybody using the universal bar mounts that bolts on to the 7/8" stock mounts and allows the use of 1 1/8" bars? Looks like this brings up the bars up to 11/16" higher too.

I'm going to bite the bullet in two weeks and need all the info i can get :D

Thanks, Eddie. :D

i've got a set of hurricane top clamps for your bike, brand new, they're set up for big bars and and mounts are +5mm taller,and reversible for +5 forward or stock. they work really well at smoothing out the ride,and are not typical of rubber mounted bars as they are 4 posted, pm me if your interested :D

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