13 tooth CS sprocket?

anyone know who makes em for the 650r?

need an extra set of gearing for trail riding going with 13 52...

top speed should be around 50 :D



I got one this year. I forget from where. If no one posts anything by tonight I'll check and see if I can find the package for mine and where I got it from.

right on I appreciate that, i searched around as much as i could but dial up just sucks!

so you ride your pig in the filthy tight stuff too?

people dont understand why you'd wan tot be in 3rd gear and only going 15-20 mph

which is flying for some trails!

Thanks again

Though I like to think I get into some tight stuff, I haven't strayed from stock yet. I have a 13 tooth and a 15 though in my box of goodies and I will be fooling around with them when I know I've tuned my pumper carb to the best of my abilities, and do the airbox mod. I'm really happy with the bike as is uncorked, when I get bored I'll play around with the gearing.

couldn't find 13 for the 650r

your right :D they used to have them.............

try here

13/52 seems pretty low to me, I went from stock 14/48 to 14/50 and that was a big change, Plenty low enough for the tite trails I ride.... JMO..

Have you tried Moose ....

I just got one last week from xrsonly. I think it cost me around $28, but it was all I could find. :D

I got mine from http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com .

Not sure if they still have them, but worth a shot, they had a lot of good deals earlier this year.

if u need a 13 t sproket, u are a wimp...thats ssoooo small

I'm with Frankstr. I originally went with 14/51 and found third(which I consider (D)Drive on these things) to be too short and 4th to be a bit too high. Went down to 14/50 and it's a pretty good mix. A bit buzzy on the road though.

if u need a 13 t sproket, u are a wimp...thats ssoooo small

Yeah, so are guys with electric start. :D

No offense to the rest of the group guys....just this guy. Out of all those swimming seemen he had to be the winner....

I like the torque of the 650 for the real tight stuf and being 6'3" i can stand over it no prob on off cambers so it works real well for me. i race dezert 9 months a year and get real tired of being in 5th gear WFO for 3 hours straight. You ever done that, wr450? i really doubt it.

I am doing the Los Ancianos race again this year, did it last year on the xr600r and had a blast, the course is so tight though i got into 3rd gear on one section that was about 100 yards long. Proper gearing is very important for riding and racing like this as you have much more control over tire spin going through the gnarly stuff if you can be in 2nd-third rather than bogging first and having to spin the tire. Trust me Wr450 as you have no experience in this kind of riding, i can tell by your posts and demeanor. You should come down and watch this race from the sidelines while the real riders are out on the course, you can hang with the ladies in our group, i'm serious you're invited ever been to Baja?

Xr's only thanks mad mickey cant believe i didnt check them out but dial up sure makes it a PITA to go to more than TT and check this forum and the southwest!

Thanks guys-

Mike - I've been running 13/52 for 4~5 months now and it works real nice for the tight stuff. The Moose 13t has been fine for nearly two years and took only two days for my local (non-dealer) shop to get. Many riders will tell you that you don't need it that low, but I agree that many times mission specific gearing will make your day so much more fun. And you should be able to spin well past 50 m.p.h. I run 14/52 on the street slicks up to 85 m.p.h. and you gotta know that is fun with solid traction. :D

13-52...wow, you can pull a 4th gear start at TKT with that.

TKT HS looks like Dec. 4th this year. Awesome event everyone!

I have a Moose 13 tooth on front and stock 48 on rear. I did this to get my Terraflex to fit better. I can still do 85-90 mph and I have lotsa power throughout.

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