low profile brake light-help

Does anyone know where I can get a low profile brake light for my 2003 XR650R BESIDES fourstokes I ordered my parts over a month ago and have not received them The wort part is that I've call numerous times during business hours and have left messages at other times. They NEVER answer their phone or return calls. All I want to know is WHEN I'm going to get the parts. If they are backordered, fine, but at least answer the phone or return a call. How does someone like this stay in business? My dual sport conversion is done except for the brakelight and mirrors which I ordered form fourstokes Where else can I get that brake light (part number 44-0181 from fourstokes I need to get this bike finished and titled before I move in a month. Thanks for any help


ACERBIS makes a lower-profile dual=sport brake/tail light w/license plate frame ... find it at, as well as other places ... about $35 if memory serves me right (and with my past, no reason it should :D )

you can go to meijer and get a square brake light and modify it to fit...i plan to do it soon cuz they are like 3 bucks vs. 26+shippin

I have never heard anyone with anything good to say about fourstokes

I hope you get your money back.

Thanks for the inputs fellas but I really like the low profile light from 4strokesonly. It looks like the stock tail light but has the clear lens at the bottom for the license plate light. It has a real clean look. This guy can't be the only one around who sells this type of light?

I had the same issue back in Jan '04. I had to have my XRL back in street legal form and I needed a replacement for the stock TV set. I ordered a low profile OEM-type light from the same company with absolutely no luck.

My only option was to go with Baja Designs and the Maier small universal XR-style tail light/brake light combo. $14 bucks, pretty much bullet-proof, but took a little head scratching and some flat stock to get solidly mounted. You can see a side view of it on my '98 in 'my garage' here on TT. It's doesn't completely cover the old light boss around the fender, but it works and it works well. It's a good substitute while you're waiting for the OEM one to arrive.

It's small, not street legal, but it's very bright and I have never been questioned by the CHP or police here in So Cal.

Good luck.

I have never heard anyone with anything good to say about fourstokes

I hope you get your money back.

I got a mild e-mail rebuke from last week, because the pic I put up of my front fender had a THUMPERTALK sticker on it ... didnt know we were in competition ... :D:D:D

man I am sorry to hear of your long wait. Mine only took a week to get

I do like it.

Good luck


i am in the same boat with you i left another message this week for my parts that have been paid for ,i am calling the bank in the morning and telling them he has stolen my money i hope they get it back for me i have to save for my parts and 140.00 is alot to me when i get nothing in return.

I bought one of those (not recently) after my Acerbis cracked apart. The unit bolts right on and looks stock, but it's not DOT legal. Since I was already plated that wasn't a problem; the average cop just wants to see a bright brake light.

Had the same problem you did when wanting to buy, impossible to connect with. What I did was when traveling thru the SF valley on work, I stopped at his place of business in No. Hollywood. After a couple of times with the shop closed up I found him (Andy) there one day. He said he had a shipment coming in from overseas and they were hung up in Customs and it might be a few weeks. I said fine and I would come back in a couple weeks. I did that, he had some in stock and I bought a unit.

Note: If you have a nice vehicle with nice rims, etc., I would not drive that to this place. The vehicle might not be there when you come back. Word to the wise.

The shop is small but is Dual Sport heaven. Many parts that are very clever and not seen before.


I can't tell you what to do but I personally wouldn't buy from this place unless I carry the part when I leave. If you're not local I would take the previous advice and install your own dual filament socket under the OEM lens or similar.

I sense that the guy is honest and not out to intentionally scam anyone. But I perceive that this is a hobby to him and not his primary source of income, thus 4StrokesOnly doesn't get his full attention. My 2 cents worth.

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