High altitude carb setting WR400, 2000? chart?

I'm new to carb stuff. I've been researching it for a few days now. I think I have a feel for it book wise. :eek:

My question: What should I change from STOCK and sea level to 8000feet in the Sierra National Park, CA? I couldn't find a chart for this bike and particular carb.

Some definitions I don't understand completely :D :

Hard Breathing?



Cutting out vs. Bogging out?

Crackling vs. Shuttering/rattling?

Yamaha WR400 year 2000

It has all stock settings:

Model: FCR Keihin

Main jet: 165

Pilot Jet: 42

Fuel screw (turns out): pilot screw 1-5/8

Needle/Clip position: 3rd

Airbox lid (on or off): off

Pipe: stock

Altitude where you ride:sea level, but taking trip to Sierra National Park 8000 ft +

Temperature where you ride: 75 degrees

Are you happy with your current configuration: Its okay at sea level now, just cuts out at the first part of the throttle and back fires some when I let off of 3/4+ throttle. I just want it to be okay for the Forest when I go 8000+ feet - no fouling plugs or lame stuff.

:D THANK YOU FOR THE HELP IN ADVANCE! The people in this forum are AMAZING! :D

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