Sorry but another newbiw Q (AIS removal)

I apologize in advance becasue I know you all must have beaten this topic to death. I did search the old threads but I'm hoping someone might enlighten me for some dumb questions...

First, do ALL '05 WR450s come with the AIS (or just those sold in CA)? Secondly, if I pick up a kit to remove mine is it a simple task (keep in mind I am still a rookie wrencher).


All North American '05's have the AIS and it's easy to install the kit. The only thing that's hard is putting in the front plug because of the angle. If you empty the radiators and partially remove one, it's much easier. Then you can refill the radiators with some better fluid like Engine Ice or NPG...SC

word!! i had to get the ole lady to install the plastic plug b/c my hands are too large to fit in the airbox area.

my bike doesnt fart nearly as much anymore - maybe i should get one for the dog.

Sounds easy enough. I think I'll order the kit today!



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