Chain Adjusters

Hello good people of Thumper Talk, I have a very basic almost embarrasing question or problem. I ride a 2005 YZ450-F and noticed that the chain adjuster blocks for the rear wheel are not the same on the left as they are on the right. There are more lines on the left than the right. Is this done on purpose, and if so do you count off the same number of lines on each block, or did I get a pair of bad blocks? Do you count from the rear of the block or the front or does it matter? I would appreciate any input.



count from the front

Same bike, 1 year older.

I never trust those guide blocks, even back in my XR-75 days.

Get a yardstick, put the straight edge against the side of your rear sprocket and adjust your chain slack adjusters so the straight edge lines up to the same side of your front sprocket. Works like a champ, is cheap and the most accurate, fastest way of aligning both sprockets I have found.

Where in LA are you. I'm in Baton Rouge.


I always counted the lines from the rear of the axle blocks. Are I doing it wrong?

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