Gonna buy a WR, advice please

After being a long time XR man, I've decided to buy a WR. Yamaha has got it going on with their new line of thumpers. I'm looking at the 98-00 WR400, or maybe stretch my wallet for a 2001 WR426. What differences are there between the 98-00's? Notable improvements? Any model with cronic problems or bugs? I live in Ga, any seller's nearby? Thanks.

flyingboy,i got a 2000 wr400 for sale,i can send you pictures,i live in north florida.i have got to sell this bike,its either the bike or the truck.im in over my head.i will deliver if you want.im asking 4800 obo.this bike is like new.IMme for all the info.you wont be disapointed,just broken in.AK47420@aol.com

Value for money and a good package is the 00 WR400F. Lots of refinements all round and I'm sure you could pick one up for the right price now the 01's have been out for a while. Depending on your riding ability, Id reckon you could struggle to utilise the full potential and power of the 400. The 426 is even gruntier. Different horses for different courses.

Actually i went riding with my mate who has the XR400 last weekend..we swapped bikes (first time in ages that I've ridden another bike) Well after we swapped back, I was glad..he was really pissed off that he had to get back on his. hehe.

The 01 has some significant changes to it as well accross the range. Depends on the money you want to spend.

But remember..there is no looking back after you jump on the DUB-R!

Most of the changes came in the 2000 model year so stick with that or newer unless you want to save $$$$.

The 2001 adds lots of changes for the 426 motor (clutch, valve springs, gearing, carb, etc). The only non-cosmetic changes that I could see to the rest of the bike were new valves in the suspension to improve damping characteristics. The 426 also gives you a different seat cover, a chrome muffler rather than black and a head pipe that gives you better access for oil changes. Oh and the 426 has more torque and power. Frankly, most people can't make use of all the power of even the 400.

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