head bulb burns / comments about D/S kits

The bulb that's in my head light burned this summer. I rode without the head light for a couple of rides and replaced the bulb recently. I haven't had the chance to do one mile and it was burned again. &%$#@!?

Is it possible that I have a voltage problem?

I'll tell you, the first year I rode with this baja D kit, I was amazed at how tough it But one thing was bad.. the battery dies very quickly and since the WR does not generates enough electric power at idle to make everything work, you end up with blinkers that don't work if you hold up the brake and such stuffs... and now this problem that appears to be a voltage one... This mod with the baja kit is not serious... In fact, all D/S kits I've seen are not that much serious stuffs.

If I had plans like to ride this bike on the street all the time I would throw away this Baja kit and order the whole electric kit from an Aus WR426 with the OEM speedometer and all. Forget about the trailtechs and/or panorams... they are not tough enough either... specially considering how reliable the WR and its components are. Those gadjets are just crap.

Since I have to drop my son at day care before going to work, I can't commute with the WR anymore which makes the D/S thing almost worhtless to me. But If I had to do it all over again and build a dual sport WR here in Canada, I'd go with a complete OEM kit from Yamaha-Australia. If I have some money left in the future I might try it... I plan on riding this WR426 untill somebody tells me the parts I need are back order! This leaves me some time. Man this bike rocks! :D

I wonder if you have a bad voltage regulator or connector. That could be causing the blown bulbs.

I'm sure you're right... I'll check this out.

Thanks buddy. :D

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