Photo: Bubba shows Villopodo how it's done.

i cant believe they would waste their exemption for just a few races............

It's from Loretta's - Yes it's the 450 :D Transworld has a video of Bubba and Tedesco.

This is the press release from AMA's Steve Whitelock about Bubba racing a 450 this year. Kawi has already failed to meet the guide lines, so for anyone to race a KX 450F Kawi would have to use it's proto type exemption, which would be stupid considering Bubba could ride a full on works bike next year.

Press release:

This from Steve Whitelock on the requirements for Kawi to be able to have it's riders on the 450 in 2005...

Any time after June 1st, if you wish to apply for homologation in the current season, so you're going to race the bike in the current season, you must meet the requirements. You don't have until June 1st of 2006 you have to meet the requirements if you're going to run it in the 2005 season. So if Kawasaki wants to run James Stewart or Michael Byrne any time this season without using up their prototype exemption, they have to have 400 bikes here for sale, supply us with all of the information, pay all the fees, supply all the paperwork and spare parts requirements that we ask for and have the bikes in the showrooms for sale before they can ride the bike. You have to be able to buy them. They have to prove that they shipped in 400 models [before June 1, 2005] and we have to be able to buy one.


whats with the number one plate to huh :D

Bucky...Have you been smoke'n blunts again?? :D

REALLY????? you mean i am not faster than boobie, that never dawned on me....maybe that is why i didnt get that sponsor, haha...tool

it's ok clearedforlanding, he's just having fun. don't get mad.

I James is not crashing in to someone he his pulling off the track with a DNF.

and either way, hes still faster then you when hes goin backwards

What is he showing?? He's not running into anyone :D


Yes, bubba finally is going to show what he can do on a 450 thumper. That pic ids from Loretta's and word has it he was throughing it around like a 250 2-smoke. Guess well see if the 4-stroke will make a difference for him.

when did bubba become #1?


bubba is a #1 :D

its "poto" not "podo"

when did bubba become #1?


bubba is a #1 :D

I can not agree more, that is exactly what i think of bubba

hey bob, do u like my new avitar?

when did bubba become #1?


bubba is a #1 :D

Thats what I'm saying. :D Yes he was good on a 125 and most likely on a 250. But he is just a never mind.

Check out transworld mx to see the vid he's doing a demo on the 450

Why does it always look easy in the picture :D

I love all the smack talk about Bubba. It is funny but if you are old enough to remember, Carmichael was just as crazy and fly by the seat of his pants when he moved to the 250 class. I got lots of video showing that.

Now dont get me wrong here, I aggree Bubba's got alot of work ahead but, Stewart is obviously faster than Carmichael and Carmichael knows it. He just has to get it together.

bubba can :D carmicheals :D

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