05 wr 450 and scotts stainless oil filter

hey guys

the stock oit filter came with two gaskets on eith end

the scotts came only with the one gasket on the cover end and it is bare metal on the other end.

Is this normal?

it seems the fit ok

I bought the SS filter and cover from Ready Racing and it's the same as you described...only one gasket. Fits fine though, and nothing's blown up yet ;-)

As a mechanic I have a hard time believing in reusable oil filters. Seems it would be pretty hard to get out tiny fragments of metal that were embedded at 60psi but a lot of guys in here seem to like them :D

There's another problem with the Scott's reuseable oil filter is that it's never been tested. All claims about filtering and not bypassing during cold starts are just B.S. Totally unfounded. This is an issue that's been around a while. There have been a number of collapsed filters being sold on ebay - the filters are collapsing due to flow restriction. The manufacturers know what they are doing in delivering the motors with disposable paper filters. Ever seen a paper filter collapsed?

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