$ 200 OBO 805 492 1599 AFTER 7PM PST

can get 'em new for that from 2-DADS!


obo shipped

FYI on the Stroker pipes. I bought one from 2 Dads and they changed the pipe,the new ones are a moto pipe with a screen(the canister is 13in long).Well i begged Stroker to make me an old one because my sons KLX has one and it runs great. They put one together for me from leftover pipes and said thats it for the old style(the canister is 17in long and has a Krismen sparkearester)It is very quite, i rode all day without ear plugs which is a first..Well here is my problem it is lacking on the bottom end where i do most of my riding. I am running 180mj dvr 4th 100aj 48pj 2t out. Tonight i turned the tps clockwise to see if that helps the low end.The pipe makes lots of power from mid on up. It has only two rides on it and took two weeks to get. $

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got any pictures?

Originally posted by robman:

got any pictures?

my wife no pipe no but it has two rides on it. (the pipe)


why are you selling it?

Hey Robman, that's funny.

Assuming that Mike S, Mike Sc and Mike Sch are all the same person... the reason for selling it is stated!

Stroker has been working on a new design for sometime and maybe they went backwards it the new system is not quiet.

The old style Stroker exhaust does loose a little bottom end, feels flat, with the stock header. I works very well in combination with a FMF PowerBomb header. I like this set up because its is reasonably quiet and I can ride it out of my driveway without pissing off all of my neighbors. The Power is good bottom to top and although I have tried almost every exhaust made for this bike I always come back to this combo for quiet with reasonable power. Plus you can easily install the quiet tip and knock of another couple of dBs quieting it a little more.

Exhaust system evaluated: Yoshimura completer Ti racing system with SA, White Brothers Carbon Fiber Pro meg with WB ti header, FMF PC IV squared, FMF mega max II (another excellent choice for noise vs power), Super Trapp IDS 2.

Exhaust for sale

Super Trapp IDS 2 with extra disks. This is a powerful Spark arrested exhaust system with disk tuneable features on par power wise with the WB promeg and Yosh system. It is a better performer than the FMF PC IV SA. The Yosh had better revability but no more power than the rest evaluated.. $100 for the Super Trapp IDS 2 and the extra disks.

Email me if interested



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