Engine Re-builder Melbourne Oz??

My 99 YZ400 needs a top end rebuild piston rings ect, its tired but still going I want it get it done before it goes bang!

Can any body recomend a shop or mechanic in the Melbourne area (west)

that know what they doing and not rip offs........ :D

Check your private messages. :D

wHY THE SECRECY :D I mwouldnt mind knowing a good rebuilder either :D

No secrecy, I just didn't wanna advertise the services of businesses not paying Thumpertalk for advertising. Oh well, i'll tell you what I told gigerchild then, but if I get banned, it's your fault..... :D Peter Stevens Motorcycles have a Japanese service centre in North Melbourne. I know the mechanics there, and trust their work. :D The head tech' at PS Geelong is a gun mechanic too, he is somewhat of a legend, Cliff is. Sunbury Yamaha had/have a 4 stroke race team, so I would recommend them too. They're the best I know of, there may be others? Good workshops are hard to find. Ask people at the track etc who rebuilt their bike. If someone's happy with work done on their bike, they'll tell you. Same goes if they're unhappy.....Cheers, Chris.

wHY THE SECRECY :D I mwouldnt mind knowing a good rebuilder either :D

What part of Melbourne are you from flatnacker?

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