Rekluse Clutch Perch

I'm In The Process Of Fitting A Rekluse Clutch To My Wr426 But Would Like To Have The Clutch Lever On The Bars Just In Case, Has Anyone Used The Original Clutch And Cable If Not Why Not. I Was Thinking Of Cutting Down The Lever And Moving The Clutch Mount Away From The Grip To Accommodate A Left Hand Rear Brake Making The Clutch Like The Decompression Lever.

I installed the Rekluse on my 02 426 with the perch adjuster. I only replaced the one disk that the instructions say to, used the original lever and cable and it works perfect. Only reason to replace the cable is if it doesn't move smoothly, if it sticks at all the auto clutch won't work very well.

you don't say anything about using the rekluse perch adjuster or not. that's the only way to keep a clutch lever on the bars. the rekluse uses an external preload spring. it's going to be at the engine or on the bars with the perch adjuster. using just the stock set up will not work.

you don't say anything about using the rekluse perch adjuster or not

Sorry, I just assumed they just had read the Rekluse website before purchasing their product which says the perch adjusted is mandatory to keep the clutch on the handle bars. :D

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