Baja Designs head light dim / blinker not working problem...

I have a question for the electrical wizards in here. :eek:

I put on a Baja Designs kit on my WR400, 2000 in 2001. It worked great for like 1.5 years. Then the Ni-cad battery crapped out. I bought a new one and that one crapped out after about 1.5 years.

NI-Cad 700mA = stock BD battery

Crapped out = lights dim; and blinkers/horn won't work well, and now, not at all

I was tired of the batteries crappying out, so I built a Ni_MH battery pack. I put it in and it worked for a few minutes then crapped out.

Ni_MH 10cells at ~1100mA

So, I thought my regulator couldn't charge it because I know that Ni_MH takes more power to charge. Then I decided to try a Capacitor to 4700uF 25V instead of messing with batteries (baja designs told me what size). It works but it's not enough to run the blinkers and the head light bulb is a little dim. I think this is because of an underlying problem.

MY :D QUESTIONs: What could be the problem?

How do I test the regulator to see if it's bad?

How would I test the stator?

Is the stator also called a lighting coil?

What is a CDI magneto?

I'm confused and ignorant. This stuffs new to me.

:D Thanks for help in advance!!!!! :D

You just need a new regulator/rectifier. It's the same used in most late '90s to early 2000s Ski-Doo snowmobiles with electric start.

I also upgraded to a home-made NI-MH battery and it does charge quite slowly, but everything works well. Try to have a small air space behind your reg/rect for better cooling.

Thanks man, I bought one. I'll install it today... and tell everyone how it worked. :D I also bought a lead acid battery, because they are supposed handle the sh.. better.

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