Just Bought an '05 WR450 Today! Suspension Question

I will set sag at 100 mm, and slide fork tubes up to lower front end for better cornering. Seeking compression and rebound adjuster setting recommendations. Those of you who have ridden with me know my riding style. Those of you who have not, I come from a moto background and have also been riding track and trails the last 2 years on an '03 KX250. I guess I am a B or fast C woods rider??? Weight 180-185 with gear on. Thanks in advance. :D

Sorry- forgot to mention- I am in Georgia, where we don't have too many rocks, but plenty of tree roots that require plushness. Mostly tight 2nd-3rd gear stuff, not many big G-outs, but some hare scramble jumps from time to time.


Joe. :D

I just realized there is a suspension forum here. Maybe I should post this there instead?

meanwhile I will search there...

Tonight I checked sag- stock is 92mm, 34mm unladen. Close enough for me. Actually ought to work tolerably well on a track.

I went out 4 clicks on fork compression, which leaves me 4 to go. Plushened it up some. The fork tubes are raised up 9 mm. Seems to corner well, at least for stock Dunlops.

grandma used say she talked to herself because that was the smartest person to talk to :D

I am afraid that adage does not apply here... :D

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