fuel screw screwdriver??

Before I plunk down $20 for a Zip-Ty or other manufacturer, what type of screw is used to adjust the fuel screw on these Keihin carbs?? slotted, Phillips?? let me know before I adjust my fuel screw. I'm probably going to order a Zip-Ty as a replacement, but I want to try the cheap route first.


Which one do you use???

Which one do you use???

Do you mean screwdriver or quick adjust fuel screw? If you mean screwdriver, the answer is 3/16. If you mean fuel screw I would say any of the aftermarket ones will work fine.

I'm with 35yz450F on this one. Spend the money on the fuel screw. It's well worth it. When using the screw driver I find it hard to tell if I'm actually turning the screw or just spinning the screwdriver. It makes it very difficult to know what adjustments you are actually making. Since small fuel screw adjustments can make big changes, I believe the aftermarket fuel screw is well worth the money. It's easy to tell what adjustment you are making. Some people have complained they fall out :D . I don't know, maybe they do, but I've been running one (it's a Kouba) for 3 years with no problems.

It's a regular screw inside there, not a phillpps. :D

I'm with the others too, get a zipty for it. I did.

Stubby 3/16" Standard Screwdriver

Spend the money on a hand adjustable fuel screw.

I bought those from the local Harbor Freight before I got a zipty and they don't quite fit. I had to file the bit down on the concrete a little to get it to go in the hole easily.

It was a minor modification though. It worked fine after that.

Get the zip-ty fuel screw. You can adjust it while you're sittin on the bike with your gloves on. Worth every penny! There are a few other brands now as well.

I ordered the Zip-Ty........

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