ok, i know many of u will laugh at me or call me some dumb little kid but im am seriously debating putting nos on my xr650l. i have found a type of mini nos kit on ebay for about 50 dollars and i am thinking i will get it. i would mount it under my seat and have a button on the handlebars to use it. i was wondering if any of you have done it or know about it. this is the kit im talking about

i just dont know what kind of a power increase im going to get and i would like some input on it.

thanks gys

no one?

Do you really want an anwser to that? I can tell you right now that that kit is going to have the same outcome as the time machine on Napolen Dynamite.

I wouldn't trust it.

If it IS nitrous oxide, then it will fry your cylinder if you don't also inject fuel.

I see a bunch of hoses, and what looks like a tire inflator.

You'll be stuck buying the cylinders from that guy forever... you can't refill that type of cylinder.

He's calling it "Nitro"... not "Nitrous"... it may be something entirely different.

I laughed, I cried.. I laughed some more.

But seriously, do you really want to buy a Nitrous Oxide delivery system from someone who uses "NOS" in their sales pitch, several times at that? If you look at it closely, it is just an emergency CO2 roadside tire inflator (the kind you'd find in any motorcycle tool kit), modified so the valve can be remotely opened with a button. Don't believe me? Go to their website, and check out the same NOS Kit they are selling on Ebay. Then check out the Automotive Tire Inflator they are selling, at roughly $64 dollars less than their "NOS" kit. Damn; zip ties, or "Fitting Straps" as they apparently call them across the pond, must be taxed pretty heavy over there. Harbor freight could make a killing.

The cartriges are Nitrous Oxide cartridges, the same used to make fresh whipped cream and available at some local stores. So on that note, if you do decide to drop the $35.58 + $28.64 shipping on this thing, at least your not at their mercy for refills.

Power gain wise, you can expect a gain of roughly -40hp or thereabouts, right after your XR650L's rod blows out the front of the cases. Then there is the corrosive effects, assuming your engine survives (those are good engines, after all).

On a side note, those cartridges are also used by the potheads in your town to crack into a balloon and inhale for some airtime, without even having to leave the ground. :D So, I'm sure they can be purchased in large surplus from your local "Smoking accesory" shop, or whatever they call them in Michigan. Or, search for "Nitrous Oxide Cartridges" on google to find many online sources. So on the plus side, when your bike grenades, the fun doesn't have to stop. :D

I think you should try it and give us a ride report.

Go for it, If it works, I'd be wondering how long you engine will last, If it survives one pass on the stuff, Get real, just get a pumper carb and be happy...... :D

ok, thanks for the input

im prob gonna put it in my knockoff 50 and see wat happens

You can buy the refills at Novilty shops. They sell it for laughing gas. I have a couple here that I bought in Pismo (Oceano Dunes off Grand Ave.) There is not enough in one cylinder to hurt anything. The engine is pulling in tons of air compared to what you will get out of one of these. You will get a cough of power gain, then it would be over. Not enough to hurt your engine. It would be fun to try. To put it in perspective there isn't enough Nitrous in the one shot to fill one compression stroke. There would be enough boost for three RPM's??? Well it would mix with the incoming air if you hook it up to the Vacuum port and would be spred out for the duration of the blast you give. They go empty in less then a second.

hell, go for broke, throw some mothballs in the gas tank (nitro-methane) ... then you can melt your piston, too .... :D

would that boost power?

bunch of funny replies but those are nitrous oxide cartridges used in making whipped cream, commonly refered to here in the states as whippets. Walmart used to sell them now head shops are the only place I can find them. The idea with the system in the picture is that its plumbed into the side of the airbox. When the cartridge is pierced it rushes all 10 grams of nos into the airbox . The increase in airbox pressure causes an increase in carb pressure, resulting in more fuel flow for the duration of the nitrous. Based on the small size of the bottle I would guess somewhere around a 1-2 second pulse at very best. 10 oz bottle last for 3 or 4, 10 secod burst on my klx so that little tank cant last long. There is a commercial system that uses those little whippet cartridges for gas rc cars made by Jag RC, even the tiy displacement model car egines consume the little whipit in just a few secs. A number of nos kit manufacturers have introduced "DRY"systems that dont inject additional fuel and rely on the increased airbox pressure to increase fuel flow, might work just not for me. All that said nitrous is a lot of fun on a dirt bike, gives that hit i miss frome the 2 smoke days.Skip the cotraption on ebay and look at nos or nitrous express and make sure to buy a wet sytem.

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