XR650l Gold Valve install help

just got my Race Tech Gold Valve kit (#FMGV2040). how do i get to the valves? how do you take apart the damper rods? got my springs in but still trying to figure out the valve thing. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

failed to mention this was for the front forks.

You need a spanner wrench that holds the dampenning tube assembly from the top. I think for your bike it's the one with the four tits on it. You make it out of 3/4" pipe with a "T" handle one it. Not the same as the XR650R. But, it comes apart the same. You have to remove the spring and the dampenning rod lock nut. Different tools but, same concept as the XR650R forks look on this site for the XR650R


I did not do the valve install myself but to put .02 into it use 7.5 weight oil not the 10 as RT says. It made a huge diff in the responsiveness!


Thanks BWB!, will take a good look at the rods tomorrow. may have to order some specialty tools.

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