650L Gas Mileage - I'm bragging again!!

Filled the old '95 up a couple of days ago. 300.3 miles, 5.343 gallons of 87 octane.. 56.20mpg. :D

51,317.5 miles

And no, I have nothing else better to post, motorcycle related..

Other than a guy in a pickup truck moving into my lane without looking, on Wednesday.

is yours uncorked, maybe an after-market exhaust ... or, pretty stock ?

im gettin 35 in deeep sand at like 25 mph........55mpg is about what i expect on the streets.

Foam filter. Desmogged. Airbox snorkel out.. stock muffler. Stock jetting. Non DOT tires. Non O-ring chain (the original from my '99 CR500)

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