Big Gun EVO

Anyone have any photos and comments of the new EVO exhaust on a L model. I'm thinking of getting one and it's always nice to get some feedback first. Thanks

There was a guy offloading one here recently who hated it. Big Gun has a horrible reputation in our community for lousy build quality and consistently coming apart at the seams.

I was going to buy their products until I became a member here and read all the negative comments by their pipes owners. Stay clear and go with a better company. FMF, White Bros, Supertrapp, etc.

Good thing about a White Bros E Series is how compact it is where it ends. Some pipes really hang out in the back, looking kinda odd, and putting themselves in harms way when dumping your piggy. If you look in my garage there are pics of a E-Series installed. They are a top notch pipe and I would rate mine 10, out of 10.

***Edit ***

heres a quick link to my pipe pic :D I bough on E-Bay new for $203.00

good luck

I am the guy who was unloading one. Paid $467, used it 20 miles and sold it on ebay for $250. They claim a 3 hp increase, which I think comes in around 8000 rpm. You know, about where you shift. Through the rest of the rpm range you loose about 3 hp. Expensive lesson for me. Dont waste your money!! :D

Put an FMF on it, makes it a totally different motorcycle...

hi put an FMF Powercore with powerbomb header on mine very happy great sound, looks, quality of finish and power.

only prblem is the powerbomb header touches the accelerator pump screw on the Edelbrock carb (no problem with standard carb) i remedied this by filing the screw a couple of mm.

have fun

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