WR450...Am I too big for it?

I'm 6'6" 230 and love my WR. My height related mods are:

1. Rolled the bars forward a bit to suit my wingspan. I'm contemplating buying the Longhorn upper clamp with adjustable bar mounts.

2. Modified my rear brake lever/master cylinder plunger so the angle is much lower. I had to lift my foot off the peg to touch the brake prior to this mod.

3. Installed a set of PowerPegs in the low-boy position. The lower .5 inch does make a difference for my leg position. Plus, the pivot in the peg allows a more comfortable foot position for my size 14 boot.

I'm also considering a taller seat with some more padding for my hiney. The stocker is quite thin in the padding department.

My last bike was an XR600 that I rode in the open desert. When I was looking at new bikes for trail riding in Oregon, it came down to the WR450 and the XR650. I decided on the WR because it fit better and was lighter than the XR. I am VERY happy with my decision. GO BLUE! :D

get the crf450x, its taller, faster, and more powerful. My buddy has an 05 wr450 with a few mods and my 450x is quicker and its stock. Im 6'4 250 pounds

get the crf450x, its taller, faster, and more powerful. My buddy has an 05 wr450 with a few mods and my 450x is quicker and its stock. Im 6'4 250 pounds
Thanks everyone for the feedback..... keep them coming.


I am between a WR450 and a XR650R and nothing else..... period.

DO not turn this into a flame thread between other bikes.

Thank you,


Go with the WR - you won't regret it.

The xr650r is a great bike but the technology isn't there. It is way too heavy also. It would be more maintenance free, but the WR's are really reliable too.

Thanks for all the info and replies everyone. I am getting a XR650R. :D:D

There is a lot of parts out there for the XR650R, how does 70rwhp sound?

Thanks for all the info and replies everyone. I am getting a XR650R. :D:D

before you do, have a look at a KTM 625sxc. A better bike than the Honda :D

I'm 6'4" and have a 36" inseam. The seat to peg length is shorter than I liked at first, but like everything else tall people have to endure I got used to it very quick. Besides I don't sit all that much anyway.

Bot my WR450 a few months ago. I am 6'4" and about 225lbs. Very happy with the bike! :D

I just traded my XR 650 for a WR 450 and am glad I did. The 650 really didn't have all that much more room, but it's seat was way more plush than the WR's. Have fun riding a bike that's six years behind everyone else's on the technology curve :D

6'3" tall and have 2000 & 2004 Wr's both with ThumperRacing 1.5" risers that move the bar up and forward. Jimmy Button High Bend Renthals . SDG Tall seats, IMS pegs w/the barrel cut off/place on top/flipped springs to move pegs down and back. Great ergos, roomy and comfortable. Go for it ................you'll be glad you did.

Get the Husaberg FE 650!! I have a WR 450 and like it, but if you're going with the XR, atleast consider the Berg. It is very similar to the KTM's in design (shared ownership), and it is lighter than the Honda, has E-start, and from what I've heard, smokes the XR 650 R in terms of power. The only problem is parts availabilty. Husaberg parts definitely are harder to get than Honda parts. Atleast have a look at that bike!

No, numerous Honda Baja victories speak for that and the 650R is actually in it's element there...feeling really no heavier then the last generation WR 450's but with a lot more steam. It's a good bike for a big guy even in more technical terrain. For anything less then that type of open riding though it's advantage WR, and these bikes really don't directly compete with each other.

I six foot and 270lbs no problems for me, just got some fat bars and bar risers. Would the 650 be to heavy for desert riding.

Five years ago I picked the 650R over the WR400 after riding both.

The weight felt about the same and the Honda had way more power. But as noted elsewhere, that was then and this is now. The WR has been well developed over five years while the Honda is the same bike. I have the new 450 on my short list for next year and with more power, lighter feeling, happy button, etc...the situation is much different now, particularly when riding tighter conditions ! I was counting on a next generation aluminum-framed WR though. I guess that will take a little longer?

There is always a taller seat.

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