Average MPG

Ok, i have searched the forum and it seems like the 650L fuel mileage varies quite a bit, anywhere from 30 to 50+. I am looking into a 2002 650L with about 2000 miles, it looks stock, so what should i expect to get for mileage? Most of my riding is on paved road going 50mph or less. Also, what would it get doing 70mph?

Who cares...buy it now! You will love the bike and I am sure the gas mieage will be at least 35-40mpg. May want to invest in a Clarke tank to get more range.

Average would be 40-45 mpg, maybe more or maybe less, if the carb's been rejetted like mine and if you're heavy on the throttle like I am. :D

i get 35 in deep sand with the wheel spinin at about 50mph but only goin 25. plust i have a lot of go faster mods....u should expect 45 to 55.

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