Xmas Gifts

Happy to say I received a GPS mount for the bike, will hold the magellen 315 and a front fender bag, all from cycoactive products, they have an enourmous line of accessories, for packing gear, tools etc. I cant wait to mount the GPS so I can look down and see how fast I am going. One of two things will happen either I will look down and go, oohh **** , I suck no wonder everyone is passing me, or I will look down and go damn I am going 60 mph, followed by If I wreck now I am going to eat **** . Also got a heart rate monitor, curious to see how much strain riding puts on the old ticker and hopefully will help me get in better shape for next years hare scrambles, I hate getting passed by 13 years olds on 125's.

Happy Holidays to all.

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