The Best Exaust For A 05/ 650l

Just bought a 05 XR650L and i want to swap out the muffler, my two choices are the WB E2 or the FMF Q2, any body got any advice on them, i ride 50/50 on and off road mostly trail on BLM and fostery land so they have to be arested and quiet, any help would be great, Thanks

just using the magazine tests as a guide, I have usually seen the best dyno results from the WHITE Bros. pipe ... I can't justify that kind of cash outlay for ANY pipe, so I bought the Supertrapp IDS2 pipe (much cheaper) ... most of the tests only show maybe a one HP gain for most pipes, at best, .. not worth it to me ... but, it did dump a lot of weight, and looks MUCH better ... "it don't mean a thing, if it aint got that BLING ! " :D

Another vote for the Trapp ISD2 QC. Tuneable, light weight, not too loud (I run 7 disks with all the mods) & it won't break the bank. :D

I could not be happier with the XRs only full system I have.

I have the FMF Q with a Power Bomb header I like it it has a deep tone to it.

Not loud but loder than stock!

I know for a fact that the White Bro header is the biggest diam = best flow.

But it is louder.


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