XR-650R electric help

I have a street legal "DK" version of the BRP bought in Japan. The "DK" electrical system has a higher output stator and a small regulator/rectifier and condensor that aparently (from my read of the diagram) only powers the brake light, there is no battery. I need a power source for my bar mounted 12V GPS. When I wire it into the power off the condensor/rectifier it works fine until I hit the brakes and then it loses all power. What could solve this problem short of adding a battery and charging system (I hate to add that much weight)? Would a bigger condensor work? Thanks to anyone who can help.

I would try a full wave bridge rectifier and capacitor off the head light. That would be real small weight and stop the voltage drop from the tail light.

I have a 94 XR600R with stop/tail and head light. also wired in a horn to make it street legal. My horn doesnt work unless everything is unpluged and when I press the brake the head light gets really dim. I have talkde to local Honda techs and belive that the wiring is correct. I think mabee the stator is not puting out enough power but am not sure.

I would not recommend running any electronics directly off the stock AC electrical system. The AC regulator really does a poor job and large voltage spikes could definitely cause serious damage to devices like GPS units.

I have converted my XR650R over to DC using a regulator/rectifier and battery pack from Baja Designs. I am able to run my stock headlight, tail/brakelight, front and rear turn signals, and one 12V electronic device (GPS or satellite radio) without any issues. I didn't even have to rewind the stator, although I will at some point because I want to get even more power for a high beam headlight and additional accessories.

As far as weight is concerned, I can't image the 1.5 pounds that the regulator/rectifier and battery pack added could make that big of a difference.

Contrary to Baja Designs installation instructions which recommends installing the regulator/rectifier under the seat and on top of the airbox, I mounted it inside the airbox. Space under the seat is really tight and there is plenty of room inside the airbox. If you pick the right spot inside the airbox the regulator/rectifier will not restrict air flow at all.

1.5 lbs for a 12V battery and regulator, that sounds reasonable. What did you wire the power to the regulator/rectifier from?

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