Anyone watch the Daytona 200?

I know it's off topic, but:

Could you believe what happened to Scott Russell? That was the ugliest wreck I've ever seen. I thought he was dead for sure, thank goodness he is not. All I've been able to find out about his condition is he suffered a broken arm and leg.

How about Aaron Yates? Anyone know anything more?


I was there. It happened right in front of me. It was very ugly. Not sure if the film showed it, but some guy jumped the pit fence (team owner maybe?) and started dry heaving when he saw Russell. Gobert had a tire go when he was on the bank at 150+. He looked very out of sorts when he handed the bike over to the mechanic....


I turned the race on after the wreck but heard it was nasty. From the report on his webpage it couldn't have been that pretty. What happened? Did he go down in the Nascar section at some crazy speed?


When in doubt, GAS IT!

I was there. I didn't see the wreck because I was working in the pits, for a friends team. I did see the bike as they dropped it off the in the pit area, and I have pictures yet to be developed of all the bikes that were wrecked that day. I also have a piece of the faring, as a reminder that I should stick with dirtbikes....


I was beginning to think I was the only SB fan here.

What happened to Russell from

"After a lengthy delay the riders once again took their places on the grid for the restart. This time the race never got past turn one as Scott Russell, a former AMA and World Superbike champion, stalled his Ducati on the line. He was then hit from behind, once again by two riders, with all three going down in a heap and one of the machines catching on fire. Russell fared the worst in this incident and was quickly transported to Halifax Memorial Hospital where he underwent lengthy surgery on Sunday evening to repair broken bones in his left leg and left arm."

I was looking forward to seeing Russell kicking butt since he left HD. He was looking good until the duc stalled. I hope he recovers quickly.

Gobert's tire shredded on the nascar section while he was going 170mph. :) The tv guy tried to interview him as he got off the bike, but he looked like he just had a new lease on life and did not say a word.

I saw the shreaded tire. I think he was really glad to be in one piece and still scared as hell. You could tell he wasn't all there when the mechanics ran over to push his bike off the infield and he just sat their in the grass.


I saw you live in HB. I'm probably going to be moving up there from San Diego pretty soon if I get a job in Irvine that I'm trying for. How's the riding scene? I've heard there are spots in south Orange that you can ride with out being harassed. How long does it take to get to Elsinore/Comp/Perris? I haven't decided where I'm going to look if I get this job but I'm guessing Irvine or somewhere south of there on the 405 or 5 so that I can still hang out in San Diego. Do you happen to know what the night life is like up there? Clubs/Bars? Any info would be great seeing as how I only know one person that lives up there.



When in doubt, GAS IT!


The nightlife here is not a problem. Many good clubs here in HB and Newport, as well as in the south county area. If you move up here I'll show you my favorite riding spots. Elsinore is about 1 hour 15 minutes away, but I never go there to ride. Lots of good riding in the northern deserts and local mountains.

Good luck with the job!

Thanks sirhk for the above link. I've been worried about Scott's condition and this is the only place that has information. Never has an accident affected me like this. Does anyone know how Aaron Yates is doing?

At the risk of sounding morbid, I'll ask anyway, ONLY BECAUSE IT HAS TO BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED and it will give you an appreciation of what Scott is going through: Would anyone like to see the starting line incident? I've got the video…

did you record the entire race? I'd be interested in actually watching it sometime. I'm almost positive that I got that job up in Irvine so I'll probably be moving up to OC sometime in the next month or two. I'm going to do the commute for the first couple of weeks until I get a little money saved up first. I'll definately be getting in touch with you sometime about riding places up there. I go to Ocotillo Wells or Lake Elsinore almost every weekend. If you're ever interested in meeting somewhere let me know. This next month might get kinda hectic but once things settle down I'm going to try to continue riding every weekend.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

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I live in Orange and I go to Elsinore just about every weekend. I'm also a sportbike rider. Let me know if you need someone to go riding with when you move here... my email is


Have you been back to Scotts web page recently and seen the pre/post pics from the race and read the treatments he's going through. Damn, that can't be fun!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!


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