Clutch cable issue

I replaced my clutch cable with a new motion pro cable I got from the dealer. I checked the cable length and the new one was a bit shorter. I figured it was due to the old cable being stretched out. Anyways, I get the new cable installed and when I go to adjusting it I found that I have to have the adjustment at the actuator arm all the way to the end. What I mean is that there is no more room for adjustment, ( make the cable shorter), and the "on the fly" adjustment is in the middle. When I took off the old cable, both perch and actuator adjustments were about in the middle. Any way, I found that if I start adjusting either way I have waaaaaaaay too much play in the clutch lever. Right now everything is perfect. I have maybe 1/4 inch of movement before the bike starts to roll. Could this be a sign that I am probably due for a clutch replacement or am I just living up to my title of a TT newbie. Any help would be appreciated. Sarcasm is welcome. :D

you know i am having the same problem and have not yet figured out why. tried a different cable and an after market perch (msr raptor) and still the same deal, to get the right amount of clearance i have to put both ends of the cable at the extreme ends.

i know the freeplay in the lever should be about a nickles width... and i replaced mine with a motion pro cable... set it up pretty much the same way sept my on the fly is almost all the way out... i figure its not to tight where it is its just right... and then i have plenty of adjustment if it decides to strech... i have 2 weekends of good riding on it with no ill effects..

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