rekluse clutch slip


I've just purchased a second hand mk11 rekluse clutch for my yamaha wr426,

I followed the installation instructions but even without using any shims I've an installed gap of 0.05". The existing clutch plates are not excessively worn(the clutch never slipped). I've tried running the bike with the external medium spring adjusted to its full extent but when running the bike the clutch slips.

Can any one help, also there is material still on the pressure plate.

A .050 install gap is to big. It's only supposed to be between .030 and .037. You need to swap out some of the stock plates with some Rekluse plates.

This is from Rekluse website.

Rekluse Motor Sports

The z-Start Clutch

YZ/WR 426F

Installation Guide

Copyright 2002 Rekluse Motor Sports

z-Start Revision 3.000


Determine the installed gap of the Z-Start

15. Measure the installed gap of the z-Start. Two sets of feeler gauges are required to measure the

Installed Gap. The feeler gauges must be placed between the top most friction disk and the topmost

steel drive plate in the clutch pack 180 degrees apart. See following pictures.

Note: Insert the 2 sets of feeler gauges directly across from one another (180 degrees apart) to

avoid the clutch pack from rocking resulting in an inaccurate measurement. Find the thickest feeler

gauge that still slides back and forth with slight resistance.

The installed gap must be between .030” (0.76mm) and .037” (0.94mm). If the gap is correct, move

on to the next step. If the installed gap measurement is off, then the installed gap needs to be adjusted

due to manufacturing variances in the bike’s center clutch. If the measurement is greater than .037”

replace one stock .047” (1.2mm) drive plate with a Rekluse .055” (1.4mm) drive plate. If the

measurement is less than .028” replace one Rekluse .055” (1.4mm) drive plate with a stock

.047”(1.2mm) drive plate.

Let me know how it works when you get it fixed. :D

Because its a second hand clutch its an older design which incorporates just shims to adjust, so I haven't any Rekluse plates with the kit.

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