Cloudcroft Enduro - Jetting 6K-9K agl

I have a 2005 WR450F.

Still completely stock but definitely way lean for this Texas summer heat.

Going to race the Cloud Croft New Mexico enduro mid-september.

Altitude is going to be somewhere between 6000 and 9000 feet?

Anyone have any experience at this Enduro?

Any idea what I should jet my bike at?

I'm going to have a hard enough breathing that I don't wanna have to worry about my bike's breathing :D




well Geek, if you're lean at TX altitudes you may be just fine at 6-9000 ft.

I have a non-stock 03 and so my settings are useless for you. If no one with an 05 can help you out, I'd suggest getting there on Saturday early enough to fiddle with the jetting if need be. Bring a few mains and pilots that are 1 to 2 sizes larger and smaller. I'd almost bet your stock jetting isn't very far off at that altitude.

Hey Geek,Russ here from Clovis NM,I am planning to try&be at that Enduro also.They are having a GP race the day b4 the enduro on Sat.MY 05 Wr 450 had stock jetting,with an aftermarket pipe when I rode inTresRitos ,NM this summer the bike ran great.Ive got a Zip TY fuel adj,pull your plug out of the carb& and put one in you can tune your fuel mixture a little without re jetting.Tres Ritos is about the same elev.You should be fine.Zip ty will help a little.

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