The Guys in the XR Forum are going to kill me...

I will be purchasing a new bike at the end of September. It will be blue!

The question I have is.... WR 450 or WR250?

I live in the Northeast and 70% of my riding is on tight rocky single track. Will the 450 be to much?

I love hill climbs and the occasional natural jump. (read hard landing)

Will the 450 bottom easily? Does the 250 have enough power?

My current XR 250 has served me well, but after riding street bikes for so many years I am disgusted with how little power it makes. And since I am getting older, not younger, the suspension is killing me.

What are your opinions?

I love to trail ride, but I also love to open it up occasionally.... but not at the sacrifice of low end grunt.

I am really split on this so any opinions will be greatly appreciated. :D

The choice is ultimately yours, test ride both.

The 250 is so much fun to ride, it handles soooo well. It revs to the moon and is a real blast.

The 450 has heaps of power and is great where you can open it up a bit but handles good enough in the tight stuff.

I would go for the 250 for your situation, you won't be disapointed. the 250 gets along real well. The suspension is great. Don't worry about power, the WR250's shit all over the crusty XR's!

Well, I'm probably biased because I own the 450 but I guess it depnds on your riding style and weight.

I was on sandy/rocky single track yesterday behind a guy on an '04 wrf250 and he was getting stuck on the sandy uphill sections. These are hills that I blast up in second gear (on my 450) without issue AND I have not removed the throttle stop yet so I can only use half my juice.

I am 38 years old and run a solid 220 pounds and the 450 has not let me down. The downside is it goes about 266 pounds (+/-) to approx 230 lbs for the 250.

Keep smiling because this is a decision that is impossible to lose ;-)

Let us know what you do!


I think you have already answered your question, if your disguestd with the XR250 a WR250 probly wont satisfy you for very long, like you said you love hill climbs and you dont want to sacrifice low end grunt and the WR250 isnt really a low end grunt type of bike. just my 2 cents

i say get the 450. i have ridden my buddys 250 and when i got off i was thinking "man im glad i got the 450".

i felt like i needed to rev the 250 really high to get the bike to respond like i wanted.

if im hill climbing and it gets techincal i dont have to worry about reving the engine too much b/c i know it will pull me up.

go ahead and research the free mods.

this is a your chance to be really happy! after riding my buddies crf 250r , I just had to have a new dirt bike.after searching forums and much research I bought the 450f,and its almost impossible to tell you how glad I am.It will SMOKE a 250 and even if you choose to ride it sane you wont belive how this bike handles.your old bike doesnt even come close as far as suspension,handling.power and all that.wish I had the time to tell you about my 6am ride this weekend in the high cascades!see ya!

word up!!!

I had a 97 XR250 for a couple years then sold it because I wasn't riding all that much. Pretty soon I was wanting another dirt bike and was all set to get a WR250 but the dealer only had one WR450 in stock and after thinking about it for a while decided to just get the 450. I'm so glad I did. After all the free mods, AIS removal, re-jetting, it runs strong....I do have to be a little careful because at 50 years old it's a lot of bike but it's so easy to ride. I ride it way better than my old 250. Went out today and just can't believe how nice the suspension is. I found myself pulling the front wheel over a few big holes that snuck up on me and then cringing waiting for the rear to come up and slap my butt and knock me off but it just soaked it up like it wasn't there. I'm sure I'd be pretty happy if I'd bought the 250 too but I really do like this 450 and am very glad I bought it. Go for the 450!!!

Had a XR250 (actually it is for sale right now) and bought a 01 WR426. Hands down the best decision I ever made. I got a great deal on it that was too good to pass up. Prior to riding it I thought that I might have screwed up and bought a bike that had too much power. I WAS WRONG! The bike has endless power but is easier (and WAY more fun) to ride than my 250. Get the 450. The first time the 250 runs out of power on a hill it will remind you of the XR250 and you will be pissed. You will love the 450!

just as everyone else has said the choice is really yours and either wya you'll be stoked with your new bike. all i can really add is that the WR250 is another half as much power and the 450 is damn near double.

just pick one and ride the wheels off it!!

WR450! Unless you're real light or short. The 450 will do great in tight stuff. I'm BIG and it serves me well in the NE mountains.

Thanks guys.... All the input from such a good cross section of people has really helped......

I willl post my decision with an invite to view my gargage!!! :D

We have both. The 250F is more flickable, the 426/450 is a better hill climber and better in the open desert. I prefer the 426, my son rides the 250F. He beats me in tight single track, but, I think he would beat me on any good bike. My 426 always smokes him on the open trail.

Personally, I like power, I like sending up alot of roost, I like the feeling of acceleration, I like that feeling of the that front end coming up when you open up the 426 in almost any gear. IMHO, if you also like these things, then the bigger bike is for you.

If you are more concerned about your lap times, and real racing, and the courses are not wideopen, then you should look at the 250F. It is true that everytime I hop on my son's bike, it feels like I can flick that thing all over the place, but, I do miss the power.

Hey dont be afraid of the 450's power,first its a four stroke its powerful but usable especially stock.start there you will love it by far over your XR,you will ask yourself why didnt I do this sooner.Then depending on you riding style,experience the sky is almost the limit,all free mods then pipe ,jetting you can turn it into a pure fire breather.My bike isnt stock but mods are bolt on & tuning...Shocking is all I can say about how choked up this thing is stock!!!!!!

another vote for the 450... they can be as mild or wild as you wish... :D

I like that feeling of the that front end coming up when you open up the 426 in almost any gear.

You telling me you can pop wheelies in almost any gear just from giving it a handfull :D Geez only in first will my bike do that, in second with a bit of thought and the rest of the gears it has to be a real effort to get her up-Im talking dropping the clutch, weight alllll the way back and bouncing it :D

You telling me you can pop wheelies in almost any gear just from giving it a handfull Geez only in first will my bike do that, in second with a bit of thought and the rest of the gears it has to be a real effort to get her up-Im talking dropping the clutch, weight alllll the way back and bouncing it

I only try wheelies in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear. Of course, terrain makes a huge difference, hardpack with a good tire. I am too chicken to try 4th and 5th gear. I am rarely in 4th and 5th gear, and when I am, I am holding on for dear life. My bike is uncorked, free mods, yz timing, rejetted. Regarding wheelies, I sit back, first and second, it just comes up. For third, you have to tug a little. Like I said, I do not know about 4th and 5th, I have never tried it. :D

I've put my 05 WR450 through the paces in the desert, mountains, canyons, and woods here in central Idaho and it chews it all up. I rode KTM 200's before I bought the WR and I wish I had bought the WR years ago. Just my 2 cents.

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