Exhaust question

I recently went to a desert race and noticed a lot of the WR450 riders had completely removed the insert on the exhaust. After the race, on my next ride, i thought i would try it. It seemed to have a pretty remarkable effect. Or it might be that it just sounded way better. Any comment? Will it hurt anything running without it?

The only thing you may hurt maybe your jetting settings. You may need to go slightly richer on the needle and maybe a larger main jet. Doing some testing with different throttle openings and pulling out the plug is the only sure way to know.

Removing the insert takes away some of the stock exhaust restriction so this is a good thing. Changing your exhaust completely is even better!

Agree with Matty. I made a replica of the standard item out of 29mmID stainless tube and a bit of 1.5mm plate - without the tube that extends forward (from the plate back only) so it screws up like the standard one and exits where it should. It just fits through the hole in the end cap and is exactly double the cross-sectional area as the standard one. I noticed the standard one is really restrictive and with the bike at idle you have trouble holding it in place due to the pressure. It must be like a peashooter when your rappin it on.

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