Header Question... yes, I know it glows...

At night (when all the lights are out and its really really dark) my header pipe glows!... :D ...which only helps to illuminate the gigantic dent I put into it at the last race! :eek: Anyway, I was considering getting a powerbomb header to replace the stock one. It all depends on price. The cheapest I've found one for is $150+shipping. Anybody know where I can get one cheaper? If not, I may just end up replacing it with a stock part... My wife has been keeping track of my "moto-expenditures" as of late. :D She doesn't buy into my terminology of "moto-investments." :D

Retail on the stocker is about $200. The Power Bomb you found is cheaper, unless you find a used OEM piece, and you'll like what it does for the bike. But there are ways of repairing dented headers, too. Run a search for header dent repair and see what you get. There is a method involving filling it with water, and another that uses air pressure, but the details escape me just now.

My header is in the freezer right now filled with water I will post how it works...but my header was smashed flat around my water pump so I don't think the ice will fix it ..next I will make end caps and heat it up with a torch and try to blow the dents out with air ...

Something you may be able to use as end caps are expandable automotive freeze plugs. These come in two forms, one a rubber biscuit sandwiched between two steel discs that is crushed with an integral bolt, and the other, a pair of copper cup plugs that have a draw bolt between them. If you can find one the right size, it could be the ticket.

Check out the Motoman article under Tech Articles for fixing bent or creased header pipe http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/ . I have done this and it does work. I put a Powerbomb on my '03 and it seemed to make the powerband last forever.

That's some great stuff! I think I'm going to freeze my header tomorrow. If that doesn't work I'll try the airpressure method. But so many people are talking about how great the powerbomb is though... maybe when my wife's not looking... :D well, we'll see.

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