426 is running hot WTF?

I took the wr426 to Taylorville IL riding this saturday and I noticed that the engine was running hot a few times. (boiling in overflow tank) I recently had the autodecomp cam installed and so there was some carb tuning to be done. I dont think the carb could run that lean to run me hot.

Anyhow, how could I determine if there is a problem with the waterpump or radiators? What can be done to improve the cooling of my ride? Is there an aftermarket radiator that is larger or better for keeping my bike cool?

How about a high volume waterpump?

It was about 80-85 degrees Saturday when I was riding. I didnt think that was too hot to ride.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks, Eric

My 426 used to puke water too. I added that Water Wetter crap I think it's called (pink stuff) Haven't had any issues since. I have spoke to some guy on the trail before and he suggested using a KX80 or KX100 radiator cap if it continued. Something about it being higher pressure :D

Try water wetter and you should be good :D

Do not under estimate how your jetting effects how hot your engine gets.

If youe bike is lean and you put lots of load on the engine (sand riding) you will boil it in

no time.

I think larger radiators would be a good thing on the WR4xx's, as would be thermo fans.

My yz used to boil over everytime I would stop and idle for more than a min at elmirage lake bed in cali (90-110 temp). I add the ENGINE ICE coolant wich is suppose to drop temps down 30 - 50 degrees, IT WORKED, :D NEVER BOILED OVER AGAIN, SO NOW i USE IT IN ALL MY ATV'S

01' WR426


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