Question on hot starting

Allright, took my 650R up into the mountains today and took a break for about 10 minutes. Went to start my bike and I missed the first kick so I knew it was going to be a pig. After about 4 kicks a gentleman on a CRF250X tells me "looks like you need a button!". Usually I don't but today it would have been nice.

Finally kicks over after around 10+ kicks. Usually she kicks just fine when hot but is there a secret to avoid what happend to me? I have about 500miles wit h this bike now so she's still new to me. I went to half choke after a few kicks which I think was stupid because I am jetted for 6,500 and was probably at 9,000 which means I was plenty rich in the first place negating the need for choke.

Another question. I do the drill the manual specifies using decomp lever to push past TDC and then going back up for the full kick. Is this necessary when hot? Seems easy enough just to kick it no matter where the piston sits but I dont want to damage anything.


Sounds like its rich on the fuel mix to me, It will be richer to, Due to warmer weather.I still do the TDC drill hot or cold..JMO.... :D

I found going at bit farther past TDC before kickstarting works better, when you kickstart it if it don't make it all the way around through compression it will automatically decompress before it has a chance to fire. You may be rich at higher alitudes though like frankstr said, you might look at the spark plug, see if it looks black at higher altitudes.

I don't even use choke on mine when it is cold, and it fires first kick. Starts even easier when it is hot. You probably flooded it with the choke or the throttle when you were starting it. If that is the case hold the throttle wide open, and decompress and kick it 5 or 6 times to clear the fuel out of the cylinder, and then go back to the routine.

Roger that, I think your right about me flooding the Beotch. Sucks that it had to happen in fron of a few 2-strokes and and electric start 250X :D

Use the Scott Summers post-crash starting procedure for thumpers.

Roll'er down the hill an drop the clutch!

If none of the above ideas help, check idle setting. Most everyone knows that for cold starting the idle should be turned up. But once hot many riders will turn the idle clear down so it will just barely idle. All XRs with stock carbs will start easier hot if idle is set well above rock bottom.

My XR600 my be 20 years old but it still has a wicked sense of humour. On my own it's a first time starter, however point a camcorder at it and it takes +/- six kicks! Same when I meet anybody else other than my normal mates - loads of kicks. You might say it get a kick out of watching me kick away and make pathetic excuses like 'it normally start first kick!'

Red bike John ,

you just described mt 600R , at home cold get it ready roll it thru one kick running. Stop and talk to somebody , and let the show begin.

I have the cold start down pat but HOT , I never know if it going to need the choke , kicked thru a few times with the decompression lever pulled or just flip the lever out and start it .

You should never choke a hot engine... it's too much fuel that causes the problem! it sounds pretty stupid, but raw gas in liquid form just doesn't like to ignite for some reason (like after flooding). Atomized fuel will ignite with no problem. I'm guessing that everyone that posted here has a stock carb??? Get an Edelbrock... NO CHOKE!!! I also have to agree with Oldturtle, idle has a lot to do with it. I remember when I had the stock carb that raising the slide a little bit helps... works on Edelbrocks too! I would also like to ask anyone else if they have noticed the coldblooded effect with there pig? I have had 3 carbs on my bike, stock, keihin 41 FCR, and now Edelbrock... and all of them were tuned right, the bike would not idle cold! so I would raise the slide a little bit, and then all on its own the idle would start to progressively get higher as the bike got hot... is everyone else noticing this?

Get an Edelbrock carb.

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