AIS and Radiator/Reservoir

Hey all. Just finished with the GYTR AIS kit. What a difference it made. No pop any more. I have more poop to the bike. Also took the air snorkle out. I was going to cut out the holes on the right side. Ill wait.

My radiator question ???. I notice on the o5 yz450 there is no reservoir tank on the rear. I wanted to put a rear fender on and get rid of the rear light while I race. Can the 05 WR be changed like th eyz and get rid of the extra storage. Would you just plug the cap? Let me know. :D

If you want to remove the reservoir tank, run the hose down to the ground with the carb hoses.

I have got a YZ rear guard on mine, you still have to cut holes in the side where the brackets are. It doesn't take long at all and I think Acerbis makes a YZ guard for the WR with the holes in it already. Don't get an original one as the plastic is crap.

Thanks Matty05. Ill look into it.

If you get rid of the overflow, it is recommended that you change the radiator cap to a 1.6 (found this info at when looking at adding side fuel tank.)

I was told today that KX500 cap is 1.6, may be readiLy available. Am considering the same setup, and run NPG-R. I have had good luck with NPG+ in a high compression 383 stroker Chevy engine.

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