looking for new/used head pipe 03 WR 450

I need a header and a radiator for an 03, if anyone out ther has stock (or aftermarket) stuff laying around, please drop me a line.


i have an 05 head pipe and muffler. do not know if it will work on a 03 though. u may need to research that.

the 05 header should work unless they have shortened it, in any case nevadaoutlaw has the can too, so the onlt sticking point would be the bolt hole locations on the muffler. i have an 04 header that i'm trying to sell too, but the 05 stock exhaust is a lot closer to the yzf one so i'd suggest getting that cos its a better exhaust.

as for the radiator, on the inner face that bolts up to the frame of the bike there should be a denso part number, and get your local radiator store to price it up for you, it'll be identical to the oem one and cheaper too(a lesson i learned after crushing both radiators on my 03 250F)

Either one will work, drop me a line at buggsz24@yahoo.com with a price.



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