I have a IDEA

OK... just brainstorming...

I seen a set of triple clamps that had this piece inbetween the 2 top clamps making it all one piece.. I was wondering would it be possible to take say a set of tag triple clamps with the tall risers and weld a aluminum plate between the two top clamps...

WHY you ask.. Well since im going for the yz look i want to have lights as well..


The black dots are the upper clamp bolts

The blue dots are the holes for the Lazer stars or Trail Tough lights or something of that nature.

The light blue dot is the headlight switch

The red dot is for the kill switch

I figured out that i would need a weatherpack 4 pin connector to make all this work and make it removable in a snap..4 bolts one plug and everything is outta the way for servicing.

do i sound nutz or is this something that is doable?

Are you talking about the top piece that holds the bars down?

If you are, where are you going to run the wires?

Universal makes those you speak of.

u mean like the bar clamp on the magura units that KTMs use?

Matty the wiring would be done neatly underneath that bar clamp.. and i would have a weather pack quick disconnect plug runing down the frame that way when you need to unhook it for service one plug 4 bolts and you eliminate 2 switches and the lights all in one.. :D

I looked at universalmotocross.com and didnt see those clamps... Im thinking im going to have to do something else... dummy me forgot about the handlebars that run thru there.. lol... i can probably fab up some tabs or something to make it work.. :D

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