K&N Filter Servicing

hi i have a K&N filter in my XR650R. could someone please advise me what the cleaning procedure is for this filter. i cannot get 'special' air filter oil where i live is there a substitute i can use, ie WD40 etc.

what is the best way to seal the airfilter to the airbox as i dont trust the side panel to hold the filter in with an adequate seal. i mostly ride laterite roads with very fine dust.


WD40 :D get oil made for foam filters, use grease on the edges of your filter to help seal it.......... :D

Hi frankstr

i didnt understand about the WD40. i cannot get foam oil in Ghana and was wondering if their is any stop gap i could use until i import some. are KN filters washable with petrol or soapy water i have never used this type of filter before so please forgive my ignorance.

i have posted a rather lengthy reply in my thread on the Edelbrock adjustment (Edelbrock idle in Africa). i would be very gratefull if you had the time to look at it and comment.


dump the K&N ... get a UniFilter, then you will be able to use plain oil in a pinch .. I just don't trust a K&N with offroad dust

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