First 50 miles report 05WR45

That wasn't a misprint "05WR45" because the last ride I took yesterday, the WR started clearing her lungs out and all of a sudden I felt like I was getting launched out the barrel of a 45 cal 1911! I own a Triumph RIII and a Duc, and they both are very respectable asphault weapons, but being back on a hard hitting dirt bike on nice damp loamy soil (yes sir, it DID rain in Wise Co Texas in August of 2005) was very different treat indeed. Man I love this thing. I must not be riding very hard though, at 210 lbs and stock suspender setup, I havn't bottomed anything yet except one egg...ohooooo, I was almost forgetting about that.oohhhhhhhh that hurts :D

Sounds impressive! Will you ride mostly trails or dualsport with it? How does it handle in loose conditions? Did you ride in any deep sand?

yea try being 250lbs with stock suspension, going through deep sandy whoops, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. wasnt a fun 4 miles.

What does installing the spacers in front do for preload with stock springs? Is it worth a try?

A 5.8 spring will make a hube difference in steering. If you are 210, the rear ride height is off with the stock spring.


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