Help with bars

Hey guys. I need some feed back on bars. I'm gonna pick fat bars but I'm not sure which ones. Pro Taper or Twin walls. Please advise.

Thanks in advance...rushfan :D

I bent my Pro Tapers on my KX. My buddy with a yz450 really likes his twinwalls.

I have had both. I like the Twinwalls much better. I dont think there is anything wrong with the Pro Tapers, but they Twinwalls seem stronger and definately feel better to me. They look cool too. :D

What I am looking for is the most anti vibration I can get from handle bars. I have heard the Twinwalls are a little better than the Tapers.

I have been very happy with my twinwalls also. I've had them for almost 2 years with no complaints. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help. :D

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