I can't get the kickstart lever off!

I've tried wd-40, tapping, wiggling and even prying from the frame tube. I don't want to crack the case with too much force. What's the secret?

Bike is a 2000 WR400


A buddy of mine had this problem. He was having trouble with the kick shaft bolt backing out so he put some locktite on it and cured that problem. But when he needed to replace the clutch and basket, the locktite had ran down the kickshaft and sealed the kickstart leve to the shaft too. It took some doing, but he was able to get it off by laying the bike down and pulling/shaking while someone else pryed against the frame. Just don't get carried away, and be patient. You may also try a little heat just on the kick start lever. If you heat it and then cool it sometimes they will go ahead and break loose. Just be careful not to damage the oil seal in the case. Hope this helps.


what about a gear puller??? has those 3 little claws that clamp around something tighten up the bolt and it pulls it off.. seems like that might work better than wiggling and pryin and stuff..

I have a gear puller, but the "fingers" on the puller are too big to fit behind the lever.

I may try to heat the lever. Hope I don't melt the seal.

Just remember that you only want to heat the kick lever. Try not to heat the shaft at all and you should not have any trouble with the seal. Good luck.


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