neutral indicator light to a 02 wr426

Has anyone added a neutral indicator light to a 02 wr426? I have a rekluse auto clutch so it's hard to tell when it's in neutral. I've read a couple threads on disconnecting the wire from the neutral switch to get full power to the coil when in neutral. Can I use that wire if I disconnect it?

I installed one on my 426 just bought a .99 cent led from radio shack and used 3m wire connectors to splice into the wires and left everything hooked up works great.

Did you use the light blue wire that comes from the neutral SW? If so does it send a + OR - signal?

Bump :D

Hello All

Can't add any thing to the blog and i guess i should search , but it's on topic .

I drive a WR 426 F 2002 . I Fitted the speedo and out curiosity and attension to detail .

I would like to know the wiring set up for the neutral and back light .

p.s. BYGGD what's the rekluse auto clutch ? It's more than a slipper clutch ?


p.s. BYGGD what's the rekluse auto clutch ? It's more than a slipper clutch ?

I'm not familiar with a slipper clutch but I have a feeling it's the same thing. Here is a statement from the Rekluse website. If you haven't yet check out their Website I have also called them a couple times and they are very helpful. It's nice to talk to someone who actually knows and uses the product rather than just a answering service giving caned answers.

The z-Start is a revolutionary new automatic clutch that replaces your stock pressure plate. The z-Start installs in minutes without modifying any of your existing clutch parts. From new trail riders to professional motocrossers, every motorcyclist can benefit from the z-Start. Browse this website to find out more.

Oh and if you purchase one, support the TT community and buy it here (if they ship overseas) :D

sorry i took so long to reply been busy moving, anyways i did use the light blue wire from the neutral switch i cant remember if its + or - but i think its + and i just grounded it off the ground wire in the harness, ill take a look this week end and get back to you( bike is an hour away right now) if you haven't figured it out allready.

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