yamaha part # ?

04 yz 450 header two part numbers came up 5T(A)-14611-00-00


what is the (A) & (J)

I know thw WR is 5T(J)-14611-00-00

will both pipes fit a yz450 ?

it could be the heat/leg protector on the header

it could be the heat/leg protector on the header

Nope thats 5TA-14628-00-00

It is probably American and Japan model code. The japanese mfrs often use a destination code in the part number when there are requirements for a destination.

Where did you look up the part numbers?

Try this Link. It is Yamaha's part's catalog including expoded assembly views for all their bikes. According to this, the '04 and '05 YZ header pipe is 5TA-14611-00-00. It also lists the '04 WR head pipe as 5TA-14611-00-00. The '05 WR head pipe is shown as 5TJ-14611-00-00. It looks like only the '05 WR uses the 5TJ-14611-00-00 part number. Not sure if the two header pipes are interchangeable though. The '04 and '05 WR don't share the same muffler assembly number, but I'm not sure what the differences are.

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