Aftermarket Kicklever?

Who offers an aftermarket kick lever for 04 wr 450? Haven't had any luck with searches and forum searches, or looking though buddies Rocky Mountain atv/mc catalog.

Are you looking for a colored one or something. Is there a reason you dont just get a Yamaha one? I am sure I have seen an aftermarket one somewhere, but I cant think of where. I will look around tonight and let you know what I come up with.

The reason I need one is because I have on 03 wr450 and ordered 04 parts on accident and found that the kickstart assembly (gear, spring, rachet) which I am replacing (04) has a larger shaft diameter than the 03 part. Which I am trying to utilize for the improved strength over the smaller 03 assembly. So the splinded opening on the 03 kickstart lever is too small. The pictured PRO TEC piece doesn't show the lower portion that contains the splined mounting point.

And yes I had to replace the 03 right case cover because it was cracked and purchased an 04 cover which has the increased kickstart shaft opening and seal.

Wow, sounds like youve got your hands full with that one. Good luck

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