02 yz426-need some help

i just did the decomp mod with a hotcam's cam meant for the 02 426. i also added a fmf titanium 4 silencer. it started on the first kick, but there seemed to be added engine noise, like a ticking sort of sound, but it runs normal. also the headpipe glowed red. i went to the fmf website and it said to put a 165-168 main. i had a 170 lying around and installed that. it still glows. the website also says to turn the fuel screw out 2 1/2 turns out while factory is 1 1/4. where is this screw and would turning it out help? i understand it's running lean, but how do i fix it?

You are joking about the glowing header, right?

i just read on another post that if u tighten down the caps too tight, that would ruin the cams, could this be causing the ticking sound? (i didn't have a torque wrench to use, but i will be taking it apart, borrowing one and doing it right!) would the lopes be hitting the cap or something?

The glowing header is normal. The ticking sound could be your timing chain, but whatever you do. USE A TORQUE WRENCH ON YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!! It's possible that you may have to buy another head gasket if you tightened them tighter than the torque specs. Did you re-engage you timing chain tensioner correctly?

it wasn't the head, it was the cam caps that i read about. the cam chain is tight also. also the headpipe didn't glow like this before. i was thinking about putting the stock one back on to see if it still does it. also what about the fuel screw? would that help. and where is it on the carb?

oh and i'm not joking!! lol, it's my first 4 stroke. it didn't do it with the stock silencer. :D

The cam caps are just as important as the head to torque.

That ticking could be your valve clearance, I had to reshim mine when I added the Hot Cams.

All headers glow if you let the bike idle for long periods of time. Stock or aftermarket.

where is the fuel screw located also?

the pipe gets beat red, that's ok, then?

where is the fuel screw located also?

the pipe gets beat red, that's ok, then?

You sure your sig shouldn't be 634 screws (a few missing)? :D

Yes, yes, yes, the glowing pipe is normal. These bikes produce a huge amount of heat and it likes to be moving. This question gets posted all the time, as a matter of fact, there are numerous jokes about it. Do a search.

The fuel screw is on the bottom of the carb bowl.

thanks!!! :D

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