Still having problems with starter after 04 mod wr450 03 please help

I didn't think the starter Fault would happen to my 03 wr450. How wrong I was, sheered the nut and anal bolts after backfire.So I did starter mod upgrade to 04. Was out on bike the other day and she backfired and blew one of the rubber rockerbox gaskets out, no other damage. Got that sorted and headed out again this time she seemed to die and wouldn't start. I keep kicking and kicking, big mistake. It sheered the starter from the back of the assembly and ripped of six anal bolts, destroyed the stator by kicking at her.What the hell am I going to do. Why am I still having problems after 04 upgrade, what else do I need to do to bike.I am lost don't know what the problem is .The only thing I did was the overflow mod and put a doma pipe on it.The overflow mod is where you tuck it into the airbox to stop it sucking up water if you stall in a deep puddle.I was speaking to Yamaha dealer and he thinks the bike is backfiring coz the breather is being pressurized by going into airbox.When I look at tail of doma pipe she is blackish that would indicate bike is running rich have richened the bike up and turned tickover up.

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