fair price / 426

I am going to sell my 426, but what is a fair price, friend sold his for 2800, and it was a bucket of bolts. Mine is in really great shape, but I want to be fair. Help me out.

year? Upgrades? Hours? :D

3 grand or more if its in the condition u say it is.

go here: http://www.kbb.com and go to the "motorcycle"

Thats like a post that says...

"What should I price my Toyota at?"

Very vague.

Look up the worth of your bike in the blue book.


Ask what you think it's worth. Some people on here will tell you how stupid you are for selling your bike for what it's worth is, because they can get the same bike on Ebay for 1500 bucks less. They just don't tell you the bike is 2000 miles away. If somebody with the half a bucket of proper knowledge comes along and sees your bike, and likes it's condition, they WILL pay what you are asking.

good luck!

I got my 01 426 for $2300, and it needed new tires and a clutch cover. Tires cost me $54 for both and the clutch cover is $104.

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