can someone fill this out for me on an xr650l. i need the max rpm's and the gear ratios. that or point me to a website that could help. thanks.

Max rmp's:






and whats the overall drive ratio?

your max RPM is going to be what ever the engine red lines at. It will be the same in all gears. Read the thread "chain slipping only in second" someone lists the gear ratios there.

yeah, i googled it and found it.......but i still wanna know what the max rpm is....i dont have a rpm guage, just spedo.

if the top end is close to stock then you could look it upin the manual or if you dont have one you could consult you local dealerships sevice Techs.

nah, i got my bike all pimped out.....and different chain gearing.

before you do the calculations, make sure you check to see if you have reverse cut gears - you can tell by opening up the inspection cover on the gearbox and looking at the teeth. Angled right to left = straight cut. Angled LEFT to right = REVERSE cut. You need to find this out before you can figure out the max "rmp's". Hope this helps :D

welll, seems how i dont know what yer talkin but thanks ne ways.

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