EVS Ballistic Jacket BJ22 review

Prior to purchase, I searched all of the threads on TT. Helpful, but I thought I would share my recent experience with the all-in-one protective gear. Last weekend we spent three days in the Sierras and Nevada desert. With a direct correlation between the increase in amount of protective gear and my age, I had nearly all of the individual pieces already. What interested me was the all-in-one format and ease of getting geared up. My largest concern was the added heat. Our first day was at Moonrocks, which topped out at a balmy 104 before we quit riding, was a good test of how hot it might be. I honestly thought the EVS gear was cooler than my old pieces (chest protector, elbow pads, kidney belt). Maybe the same when stopped, but the mesh that holds it all together does seem to wick some of the heat away and it was certainly cooler once you were moving. The next couple of days were only in the high 80's to mid 90's where we rode. Again, I do think that the EVS was comparable if not cooler than the individual pieces. One added benefit was the lack of rubbing in certain areas that only "surface" themselves after many consecutive hours in the saddle. The other was the ease of just zipping all of the gear on at once. As for crash testing, I am happy to report that I did not delve into the limits of protection. Many branches and a few roosted rocks though. I do think that it would also be more protective than individual pieces since the pieces would not move around when sliding or cartwheeling through the air. I was able to easily fit the jacket under my previous riding gear and other than looking a bit hulkish, I did not even notice it was there. That is probably the best summary of all.

I purchased and use the same BJ22. My buddy's son bought one for him last x-mas and he didn't even try it on until May because he thought it was ridiculous looking. When he finally used it, he convinced me to buy one and I couldn't be happier. After years of moaning and groaning about putting on and taking off my single piece protective gear, (and sometimes not putting it back on, " just a short ride") I don't care what it looks like or how short the ride is, I'm always fully protected now.

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