Good bars for YZ450F 2004?


I've just recently bent the stock bars that are on my YZ450F, so obviously it's time to replace them. I was wondering what you guys recommend for a good set of bars? And will they fit on the bar mounts?

Reason I ask this, maybe i'm confused, but one of the dealers where telling me that i'm going to have a to get a triple clamp set and this and this and this just to mount some bars?!?!

Got to get some new ones before my ride this weekend!!

I've got Pro Taper bars with the universal clamp adapter. You won't bend Pro Tapers very easily. Trust me, I've tried.

You can get some pro-taper SE bars that are direct bolt on deal. Or any bar of your choice that comes in the seven eighth size. Renthals, are also nice......

cheers, thats for the replies, i was thinking along the lines of Pro Tapers :D

running the renethal fat bars with a universal top clamp.. i've crashed hard many times with them and still strait.. awesome bars.

I second the Pro-Taper SE bars. I think I'm running the rc high bend model (I think that;s what it's called)

pro taper fat bars with triple clamp their like inpossible to bend

Fasstco Handle bars

I ended up getting some Pro Taper SE's and fitted them last night, they seem like a good set of bars!! I'm sure they'll get tested this weekend, so we'll see how the pan out.

the stock yamaha triple clamps (pre '06) will require you change them out if you hope to mount oversize bars from pro taper, renthal, tag, or whoever else. when i bent my stockers i switched to standard sized renthal aluminum bars and just recently bent them.

take my advice, spend the extra cash on triple clamps that mount oversize will cost you alot less in the long run. most likely you'd bend another set of 7/8" bars.

TBH iv always use wrp low bend :D so you are over the bars more they have lasted me about 3 years and have hade a fair few smaasing wiv them much better than tapers cauz they feel like u are riding a chopper :D (no joke)

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